Information Kiosks That Encourage Health and Wellness

Information kiosks can be a useful tool for encouraging healthy habits within the workplace as well as with the general public. Information kiosks can be used in a variety of industries to communicate an expansive collection of useful and educational data to users. Health and wellness is an industry that is always growing and changing… Read More

The Document Scanning Kiosk: An Ultra Efficient Turnkey Solution

Make common, time-consuming tasks simpler with a document scanning kiosk. Most offices are overwhelmed by a constant flow of documents such as employee memos, applications, sales reports and other sensitive materials. Naturally, many of these physical documents need to be organized and stored which results in hours of employee time spent documenting and archiving paperwork.… Read More

Interactive CPR Kiosk Is Saving Lives

Springfield, MO. — When the American Heart Association needed to create a life-saving CPR kiosk, they turned to the premier kiosk manufacturer in the nation—Springfield area based Phoenix Kiosk. “Our kiosks are saving lives,” president Jody Chaffin said. “Software-people don’t get to say that very often!” Recently Matthew Lickenbrock, a college student, used CPR to… Read More

The HR Kiosk: A Time-Saving Turnkey Solution

Our HR kiosk can handle time-consuming tasks while providing additional useful resources. Phoenix Kiosk offers four different turnkey solutions that provide optimal productivity for office environments, government facilities, restaurants and more. One of those turnkey solutions is our HR kiosk. This capable employee kiosk offers a multitude of resources and services that will save time,… Read More

5 Ways to Ensure the Success of Outdoor Self Service Kiosks

Consider the many ways you can make visitors more comfortable while using your outdoor self service kiosk. Outdoor self service kiosks are versatile and advantageous in a number of different industries. Whether it’s DVD kiosk rentals, bill payment kiosk services or information kiosk displays, outdoor kiosks can bring a variety of services to your customer,… Read More

5 Things to Consider Before Choosing A Kiosk Manufacturer

Consider these factors when partnering with a kiosk manufacturer. If you’ve decided to invest in a kiosk for your business, you’ve likely started looking into kiosk manufacturers and kiosk companies. As exciting as it is to begin this new venture, it can be difficult to discern which company will best meet your needs with a… Read More

The Tablet Kiosk: A Self Service Solution for Any Industry

A tablet kiosk is a user-friendly kiosk solution with many applications. Walking through the mall, sitting at a restaurant or going to the store, you’re bound to see plenty of people on their phones and tablets. Even young toddlers today find solace in the touchscreen display of an iPad or tablet. With the overwhelming familiarity… Read More

The Many Benefits of a Wayfinding Kiosk

Installing a wayfinding kiosk has many benefits. When we think about a wayfinding kiosk, we often think about a self-service, touch screen platform that gives us quick and easy directions. But these versatile pieces of equipment can actually provide both you and your patrons with much more and offer a multitude of benefits in many… Read More

Implementing an Efficient Interactive Kiosk At a Restaurant

An interactive kiosk at your restaurant can offer better customer service. In the food industry, the customer always comes first. Whether it’s remaking a plate of food on the fly, investing in the most comfortable seating, or hiring a live musician to create a cozy and lively atmosphere where people feel comfortable; restaurant owners go… Read More

Wall Series Flex Kiosk: The Natural Choice for a Check-In Kiosk

Decrease wait time and improve customer experience with a Wall Series Flex check-in kiosk. Let’s just imagine for a moment that you own a small hotel in your hometown. You’ve served the same regulars for years and suddenly, you’ve seen an increase in business as word spreads like wildfire about your friendly services, cozy rooms,… Read More