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Phoenix Kiosk's Solar Monitoring Kiosk - Solar Energy Monitoring

Phoenix Kiosk, Inc. manufactures technology that is particularly well suited for solar energy monitoring. Phoenix Kiosk engineers these solutions to provide accurate measurable data, directly reflecting an organization’s efforts of renewable solar energy utilization. These attractive solar monitoring kiosks, paired with PowerLobby software, will clearly present the end user the ecological benefits in an easy to understand and very entertaining format.

Solar Monitoring Kiosk Hardware & Software may be purchased separately :



  • Solar Energy Monitoring
  • Detailed Weather Analysis (when paired with additional components)
  • Educational – Educate about Alternative Energy Solutions
  • Branding your company as Eco-Friendly.
  • Fortifies your company’s renewable energy efforts
  • Provides "real world" metrics
Just ask Phoenix Kiosk how we can improve the bottom line for your company or organization. We are here to help you achieve your goals!

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Below are some screenshots of the Solar Monitoring Kiosk Application:

Screenshot of Solar Kiosk Application
Company Information Screenshot:
Screenshot of Solar Kiosk Application
Local Weather & Live News Feed Screenshot:
Screenshot of Solar Kiosk Application
"Sky View" Sun & Planet Tracker Screenshot:
Screenshot of Solar Kiosk Application
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